Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day of School

I'm interrupting my travel log to share the first day of school. EXCITING!! I think everyone did really well today. No one seemed very nervous for school this morning, more excited. We celebrated the first day of school tonight for FHE, we went mini-golfing and then to Jason's Deli for dinner. Now to do it all again tomorrow! (well, not the golfing and going out to eat part...I'm going to have to cook :( )
The girls all ready for school

See? I told you they were excited!

Macey outside her 4th grade class

Kambree outside her 2nd grade class

Annie outside her kindergarten class

Annie in her class ready to start her first assignment

Nelson all dressed up to go to school

He's kind of looking at the camera this time. I don't think he appreciated having to pose for me!

Luke was still asleep after I got back from taking all the kids. I was wishing I was still in bed too!