Friday, September 11, 2009

Idaho Falls

I was doing pretty well on my summer postings, but we have recently had some computer problems which put everything on hold. Fortunately, with help from my brother in law and a good friend from our ward we are up and running again. Of course everything has been working for about a week, it took me some time to get motivated again.
After the Nelson reunion we needed to make our way to Boise. On our way we stopped in Idaho Falls to see the temple.
You can faintly see the temple in the background. The boys are on the shore of the river feeding the ducks our leftover Wendy's lunch.

A much better view of the boys with the temple in the background.

The girls decided to join in the picture taking.

Checking out the ducks. FYI ducks do like french fries!

Cute bunch!

In front of the falls.

Another part of the Falls.

There were Geese everywhere! We had to watch where we stepped cause their droppings were everywhere too!

A nice shot with the temple in the background.
After having lunch and walking around the river for awhile we piled back in the car for our trip to Boise. News from Boise to come soon...I hope!