Sunday, July 1, 2012

End of School

Another school year has ended.
 I made some end of the year gifts for teachers.

Pen and Pencil bouquets

Annie with her A honor roll pin and an Award

Kambree and Mrs. McCarter

Annie and Mrs. Haider

Kambree and her traditional End of School treat.  This year we did big cookies.

Of course Luke gets one too.

Nelson's Graduation present

The girls got end of the year nail polish

Nelson had 8th grade Graduation on the last day of school.  Here he is before it started with one of the wonderful teachers at his school.  He really had a great year.  I got so many compliments about him and how he behaved and acted over the last 3 years at middle school.  He gave one of his favorite teachers a book of mormon for an end of school present.  He had written his testimony in it and wrapped it up.  This teacher had borrowed our "Work and Glory" series books and and had already read the first 7 of them.  Anyway, the teacher wrote me an email and told me that the book of mormon was the nicest gift he had ever gotten from a student.  He complimented Nelson on his behavior, actions and beliefs. 

Getting his diploma

He also recieved a Mustang Mosaic Award.  This is an earned be completing certain things while in Middle school.  22 out of around 300 kids earned one

It was a great school year. 


Kambree had one of her photo's displayed at the library for part of an art exhibit with the fourth grade in her school.

I attended 2 different awards ceremonies at the middle school.  Macey did a great job earning all A's this year.  Nelson was awarded multiple awards for his many accomplishments in middle school.  He participated in UIL, drama, band, student council, a some other academic achievements.  He was honored by the Rotary Club.  They choose only 1 boy and 1 girls from each middle and high school in our area.  They choose a student is shows leadership, academic achievment, sportmanship and a few other areas.  We are very proud of Nelson for being honored with this award.

Nelson performing with the Jazz band.

Macey and the 6th grade band.

Dancing and a Haircut

 Annie took Ballet 1 this year.  I have been really impressed with how beautifully she dances and how much she has learned this year.  Here she is in her costume with her best dance friend.

 Her ballet class

 Her amazing dance teacher!

 Annie got to get a trophy on stage this year for being in dance for 4 years.

 Annie and her friend with their trophies

 Annie got some beautiful flowers from her grandma and grandpa.

 Annie has been wanting to get her haircut, but she had to wait till her recital was over.  So that night she was ready to have it cut.  Here is her before.



She is loving her new haircut!

The Garden

This is our third year for a garden.  Each year we are learning more and doing a little better.  We still have lots of room for improvement.  One big thing is that we need to start earlier in the year.  We started with our two boxes from that last years and then we added two more boxes.

 These two boxes now hold pumpkins and more squash.  I aslo have another box with herbs that is doing pretty good!
I took this big basket of tomatoes to church last week.  I had already made batches of salsa to freeze and had sent tomatoes home with everyone who visited our house.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Easter!!

 We celebrated Easter with a outdoor party at the Moore's on Saturday.  We had good food and the kids did an egg hunt.  After church on Sunday the kids dyed eggs at our house.  We enjoyed a traditional Easter dinner and had so good family time.

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came for Annie's baptism at the end of March.  While they were here we enjoyed the annual Azalea Trail.  The Azalea's bloomed a little early this year so we just caught the end, but all the gardens were beautiful to look at.

 The boys were pretending to jump over a small creek

 One night Grandma did pedicures for all the girls.  Grandpa decided that he wanted one too.  The girls thought he was crazy!

His beautiful toes!  Come back soon!!  We love visiting with you!