Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haunted October

I love the month of October. It kicks off the whole holiday season for me. Plus, we FINALLY get a little taste of cooler weather. We were able to do some fun things this month. So get ready for lots of pictures!
We went to the Pumpkin farm that we have attended since it's beginnings four years ago. Each year it gets bigger and better!

The kids keep getting bigger and better too!

This year there were some new really neat photo op places.

The barrel train is always my kids favorite.

Playing on the tire swing.

Lots of fun!

They always really like the teeter totter too!

Don't forget the tether ball!

The boys on the hayride.

The girls on the hayride.

Checking out the tractor at the pumpkin patch.

Close up...ummm where is Macey?

Nelson caught a grasshopper.

Wow! Cute pumpkins!

During October our city has a Rose festival with a parade. After living here for five years we finally made it to our first one. Of course we had a great reason for being there....Nelson was marching in his middle school band. Here comes the band!

There they go.... Nelson was on the opposite side of us so I didn't get a good picture, but they sounded great!

Watching the parade.

Here are Luke and Brad at the Elementary Family Fun Night.

Still at Family Fun Night. Nelson and I volunteered in the Haunted Hallway and spent the night listening to kids scream at their lungs in a hot sweaty hallway. Annie and Macey went in the haunted hallway, but we didn't see them, I guess they just blended in with all the other screaming kids.

Candy Corn cupcakes for family night.

Getting ready to have fun at the ward Trunk or Treat.

The whole family is all dressed up for fun.

Nelson is Percy Jackson from the Last Olympians.

Kambree is a gypsy.

Annie is a butterfly.

Luke is Captain Hook.

Macey is a Flower Power girl.

Brad and I are thing 1 and thing 2.

Everyone having fun at the party.

Kambree is ready for the Treat part.

Walking the red carpet.

Our trunk

The best part of the night....checking out the loot!

Luke lined his up in a row.

The day before Halloween we went the the Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Can you tell which butterfly is Annie?

Taking a break and having shaved ice in cool pumpkin face cups.

A picture before we go. Boo at the Zoo is really fun. There are lots of photo ops, a haunted house, and little carnival games. It is also really fun to see everyone in their costumes.

Brad and I dressed up too. We were a big hit and someone even asked to take our picture!

On our way home we stopped at the library where they give you a free book if you are dressed up.

That night we went to our friends home to see if we could find a few houses to trick or treat at. We found a few neighbors at home (remember it was Sat. not Sun.) and then went to Braums for ice cream, because of course the kids haven't had enough sugar!

After church on Sunday we had our traditional Spooky Dinner. We enjoyed bloody monster toes, blackened nail witches fingers, bat chips with brain dip, and putrid punch.

Macey's pumpkin

Nelson's pumpkin

Mom's pumpkin
We had a great October! Happy Halloween!