Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kambree and Good-bye Boise

Kambree turned 7 while we were in Boise. She wanted to go to Build a Bear and make her own "Friend." Just her and I went to the mall and she had a great time picking everything out.
Here is Kambree already to get started!

Washing her newly stuffed bear.

Hannah is already to go home with Kambree!

Kambree ordered baked potatoes for dinner-her favorite food! The party continued with a Elvis pinata! The birthday girl got the first swing.

Ella is taking a turn.

Luke's turn!

Annie taking a whack!

Carter had to use a blind fold

I think Carter was the last to get a swing before Elvis was decapitated. Heather shook out the candy.

Kambree posing with her poster and her wrapped gifts

Wow new flip flops!
The Sperry's gave her a paper doll book
A Candy Jar birthday cake

Waiting to blow out the candles

Don't forget to make a wish

My kids were scared to death of Wally the dog when we first arrived. Macey was considering not going to visit the Sperry's because she was so scared. It turned out that she quickly learned to love Wally. The kids all took turns posing with Wally to show their bravery.

Annie taking her turn to pose. Notice that she is wearing a jacket. It was freezing the last few days we were there.

Kambree was truly being brave. She spent all her mealtimes sitting in the window sill at the table so her feet wouldn't touch the floor.

Ryan loves his dog and his dog loves him

Ella and Luke They did a great job playing together! Luke has learned to love "Cousins" this summer.

Macey learned to play games with the boys

Carter and Nelson finishing their game of clue.

Nelson thinking about his next move.

These are our last pictures from Boise. We had a wonderful time. Thanks Sperry's and Moss's!

(Don't worry I still have at least one more post before our vacation was over!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Birthday and Sandy Peak

We did finally make it to Boise. We stayed at Heather and Wynn's new house. The first week they were off at the Sperry Reunion in Utah so we missed them. My parents, my nieces, Alia and Lola and Larry and his family were with us the first few days. I really enjoyed visiting with Larry and Sarah. Nelson loved hanging out with Jake and Atticus. They left after just a few days, but my parents and nieces stayed the rest of the week. My birthday was on Tuesday and I had a great day. Rebecca arranged for me to have a pedicure and I went there with my mom. Later that day we took all 8 kids and wandered the mall. We had a great time. The mall wasn't very crowded, but every store that we walked in we filled. My mom made me a chocolate birthday cake and a great dinner. The day could of only been better if Brad was with us. He flew home from Boise the day after we got there.
Luke on my birthday with some crazy hair.

My cake

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Opening presents and admiring homemade cards!

All the girls are very artistic!

Mom and Lola

Lola, Alia, Macey, and Kambree

Annie, Grandpa, and Nelson

The day after my parents went home, Heather and her family arrived back home. That Monday we went to a place called "Sandy Point" (I think?) for family night. The kids had a great time playing in the water, and eating hotdogs and mini cupcakes. Right before we were going to leave a storm blew in. The wind got really strong and we had to run around like crazy catching all our stuff. I think the wind make the outing even more exciting!
The girls and Luke in the raft. They actually never got anywhere!

Carter bringing the girls buckets so they could get some of the water out of the boat.

Luke waiting for the ride.

Boys raft and the girls raft.

Wynn starting a water fight.

Ella in the sand

Luke giving us a happy pose!

The Moss family relaxing at the beach


Friday, September 11, 2009

Idaho Falls

I was doing pretty well on my summer postings, but we have recently had some computer problems which put everything on hold. Fortunately, with help from my brother in law and a good friend from our ward we are up and running again. Of course everything has been working for about a week, it took me some time to get motivated again.
After the Nelson reunion we needed to make our way to Boise. On our way we stopped in Idaho Falls to see the temple.
You can faintly see the temple in the background. The boys are on the shore of the river feeding the ducks our leftover Wendy's lunch.

A much better view of the boys with the temple in the background.

The girls decided to join in the picture taking.

Checking out the ducks. FYI ducks do like french fries!

Cute bunch!

In front of the falls.

Another part of the Falls.

There were Geese everywhere! We had to watch where we stepped cause their droppings were everywhere too!

A nice shot with the temple in the background.
After having lunch and walking around the river for awhile we piled back in the car for our trip to Boise. News from Boise to come soon...I hope!