Saturday, April 28, 2012


Annie was baptized by her dad at the end of March.  Grandma and Grandpa Nelson travelled to be here on her special day.  Her Hyland aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents from around here came too!  She also had a good friend from dance and school come with her mom.  We are very thankful for everyone who took the time to support Annie!  (Unfortunately because I took the time to  enjoy this special event I didn't hardly any pictures.)

 We used these pictures for Annie's invitations and her program.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Annie

Our St. Patrick's Day baby turned 8!! After a fun filled Spring Break we ended with celebrating Annie's 8th birthday. Her big plan was to have her dad take her to TCBY. He took her in the late morning and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing at home. Grandma and Grandpa Hyland came over for pizza and cake that evening.
She got some more clothes for a her doll. Grandma and Grandpa bought her a new bike!
We made cupcakes for her cake. Her favorite animal is a penguin so we did some penguin cupcakes. We also make Shamrock cupcakes for her tradition of have some sort of green cake on her birthday. (her cupcakes were actually brownies topped with cookies and cream ice cream, topped with ganache and then whip cream Yum!)
Happy Birthday Annie!!

St. Patrick's Day Morning

We woke up to some mischief on St. Patricks Day!
He did leave some green treats to make up for all the mess he made.

Kambree and Annie wore Shamrocks in their hair for the day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy #12 Macey

Macey turned 12! She now goes to Young Women's and wears make up! My friend and I took her shopping on the morning of her birthday for make up. We came home and my friend taught her to put it all on. The above picture is her before.
After! She is such a beautiful girl!
Macey's sign and all her presents.
We went make up shopping in the morning and hung out at the mall in the afternoon. She had her friend over and we all went to Braums for dinner.
She ordered a pink zebra print birthday cake.
Opening her presents.

A new scripture bag.

Macey and her cute friend.
Macey is a fun girl, it had been fun to watch her grow up. She has been so excited to wear make up and go to Young Women's. She is looking forward to girls camp this summer. She is an excellent students and always works hard and tries her best. She doesn't like being in the spotlight and gets embarrassed easily, but she is working at overcoming her fears. I'm so blessed to have her as my first beautiful daughter.

Spring Break 2012

We had a few different ideas of what to do for Spring Break and we ended up doing a few day trips and fun activities around home. Our first trip was over state lines to Shreveport, Louisiana. The kids and I had never been to Louisiana before so now we can add another state to our lists of states we've been to. Our first stop was across the river to the boardwalk in Bossier City. They had a huge Pro Bass shop that we checked out and a bunch of shops up and down the river.
Checking out the fountain in the middle of the river walk.

Luke getting eaten by the alligator outside the Pro Bass Shop.

We crossed back over the river back over to Shreveport and went to Sci Port. It is a science discovery museum.
The first thing we checked out was our heads on a platter.

We spent a few hours looking at all the fun exhibits and trying everything out. It was fun to go and see something new.
The next day we went to the East Texas Alligator farm.
Brad was the only one brave enough to hold the alligator and Luke and I were the only ones brave enough to touch it.

Checking out the gators.

On one side there was a big pond with about 40 or so alligators. The other side had another pond with ducks and geese to feed.

Brad bought a gator kabob. He told the kids if they ate alligator he'd buy them a snow cone.
Luke ate his gator! Actually everyone did except Kambree, she took a bite and then spit it out. (She still got a snow cone)
The alligators were huge and it was kind of neat to see so many all together.
We also hung out at Chuck E Cheese and celebrated two birthdays during spring break.

Happy V-Day!

We started our Valentine's celebrations with our tradition of making heart sugar cookies. After decorating them we plated a bunch up and delivered them to our neighbors.
Of course we kept some for us to eat!
I made a bunch of crocheted hair heart pins
I packaged some up for sale!
Our traditional Valentine's Day of heart shaped pizza
We exchanged our Valentine's Day gifts. This year along with giving a gift you had to write three things you loved about the person. Macey had Brad
Luke had Nelson
Kambree had Nelson
Annie had Luke
Mom had Annie.