Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The girls had fun at the school's Family Fun Night
Now it's Macey's turn!

Can you see Brad hanging out with the scarecrows?

There they are again

The kids right before going in to the church for our ward Halloween party.

We had some creepy visitors during the month of October. We found this snake in our kitchen. It was only about 5 inches long, but we thought it was SCARY!

That same night we found this spider. It looks like it has claws!

During the day on Halloween we went to BOO at the ZOO. The zoo was decorated for Halloween and they even had a small haunted house.

After the zoo we headed over to our friend home to eat soup and pizza. Then the kids put on their costumes to Trick or Treat. Our friends live in a great neighborhood of door to door Trick or Treating. At the beginning of the night the streets were full of kids and hayrides! We all had a great Halloween!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun Fabulous Fall!

What have we been up to since the summer? Well the kids have been in school and are now used to the routine of getting up early and homework. I am missing those sleep in days of summer. The weekends are too busy and too short around here! We had a wonderful month of October. October did get record rainfall around here, but amazingly the weekends were mostly dry so we were able to enjoy the fun fall festivities! We started out our fall celebrating at the Bell Family Farm where they were having "Pappy's Pumpkin Patch" This was our third year going and it was fabulous as usual.
Here are Nelson and Luke in a barrel of the barrel train. Luke stayed in long enough for me to get a picture, but he bolted before the ride started.
Kambree is ready to ride!

Annie is in the bejeweled barrel~

Luke's favorite part was racing his rubber duck at the water pumps. He left the pumpkin patch totally soaked!

Luke riding the big tire swing! (can you tell the rest of the kids ran off in all directions so I only had Luke to take pictures of?)

I did round the kids up to take our traditional picture by the ruler thing. They are getting bigger!

The catfish in the pond.

Kambree, Macey and Luke feeding the fish.

Brad and Annie feeding the fish.

Brad, Luke and I are scarecrows!

Annie picking out a pumpkin.

We went to the pumpkins patch that night with the Activity Day girls and their families, plus a few other families from our ward were there as well. Here are my kids with two of their friends. They had their pumpkins and are waiting for the ride back up to the barn.

Nelson hangin out with the scarecrow farmer!

Kambree has the pumpkins all loaded up and ready to go.

Cute kids! It looks like some are more in the mood for pictures than others.
One last picture before heading out! We'll be back next year!

I found the directions for these cute mini-pumpkin pies on Bakerella.

Here they are with their chocolate faces on!

We have a tradition of having our Spooky Halloween dinner on the Monday before Halloween. This year we had Mummy Pizzas.

Putrid punch, Eyeballs in blood (in the fluted glasses),

Vampire teeth with gut dip, pumpkin and bat chips with brain dip, and knobby witch fingers. The kids like to hear what everything is when we sit down, but want to know that we are just pretending before they actually eat anything.

We had spider cookies for FHE treats! (Thanks again to Bakerella!)

Ok I guess that is good for tonight, hopefully it won't take me too long to post the second half of our celebrations!