Friday, October 31, 2008

Melissa's New Baby

My good friend had her baby today!! She invited me to come watch and help with her eight year old daughter, who was going to watch too, just in case something went wrong. The delivery went great! In fact the doctor missed it and the baby came out all on her own with a little help from the nurse. Heidi is 8lb 8oz and 20 1/2 in. She was born just after 1pm and is completely adorable. It was so exciting to watch her make her entrance into this world. Thanks for letting me be a part of it Melissa!

Trunk or Treat

Last Saturday, Brad was in charge of our Ward Trunk or Treat. It went really well. We had the kids walk the red carpet so we could all see them dressed up. Then they went around Truck or treating. We finished off with hot chocolate and donuts. We had a really good turn out and everyone had lots of fun!!

Check out Luke! Notice anything different? Luckily it washed out great.
Some how Kambree came home with about 3 times the candy as the rest of the kids. She said that everytime she went around people just kept giving her candy!lol

Annie has all of hers sorted out!

Look at our cool trunk!

When I went to get Luke out of the car when we got home, this is what I found. He had unwrapped all of his suckers and taken one lick.

Spooky Dinner

We had a spooky dinner last Monday as part of our Family Night. We ate witches hats dipped in blood, hotdog mummies, apples dipped in guts, mashed potato ghosts, and putrid punch. For dessert Macey made us witches hats out of cookies and kisses. We all enjoyed eating our scary treats!! Annie just needed to be reassured that it was all for fun!

A quick video of our table spread.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Fun Night & More!

This Friday was Family Fun Night at our school. The kids dressed up and we went to the school for some fun. There were carnival games, cotton candy and popcorn, and these eggs that were filled with birdseed. They have some name, but I don't know what it is. All of the older kids ran around smashing them on people. Our kids got in the fun too and loved to smash them on Brad. We go every year and we have always had a good time. I loved that this year they mostly did it outside.
P.S. Nelson is dressed as a soccer player since we picked him up from practice to go!

This afternoon we all went out to Pappy's Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful day - well maybe a little hot in the sun. We saw bunch of people that we knew, including a family that had moved away a few months ago. After we had been there a half hour or so our cousins showed up too! It was great to visit with them and have some fun!Kambree and Annie playing with Sarah!

All the family feeding the catfish

Kambree is a scarecrow!

The Boys!

The girls!

The Barrel train. Luke got on this time!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's what month already?

We are still around! Unfortunately we have had computer and camera problems lately. I have finally bought a new camera and managed to download the software on our non reliable computer. After I got that done I didn't have anything to blog about-Until....Friday, we did some stuff to talk about. In the morning I took Annie and Luke to Pappy's Pumpkin Patch for playgroup. It's an awesome place. The kids had a great time. I'm hoping that the rest of the family will come with us next week. After school on Friday we went to the Tyler Rose Festival's Queen's Tea. We have gone to the tea every year since we've moved here. The queen and all of her attendants are dressed in their finest to talk to you and take pictures with. Of course my girls are way to shy to get near any of them. I did get Kambree to pose with the elaborate train of the Queen. My favorite part is walking into the main building and smelling all the roses. It smells so good!!