Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A March Post...Finally!

Well, now that it is the middle of May I thought it would be the perfect time to post about March. Both Annie and Macey had birthdays this month and they both had friend parties as well. We also enjoyed spring break with a quick trip to Galveston and Houston.

For Annie's party she wanted a Fairy theme..but not a Tinkerbell fairy theme. The girls decorated wearable fairy wings with foam stickers, markers, and glitter glue. They made some really great creations!

They also played pin the wings on the fairy, went on a treasure hunt to find fairy gold, and found all the fairies that were hiding around the house.

They ate cupcakes sprinkled with fairy dust at the end of all the fun!

Here is our first picture of our spring break trip. Luke was so excited he fell asleep!

Waiting for the ferry on Galveston Island.

The kids loved riding the ferry. It was pretty cold and super windy, but a fun and different experience. On the way back we even saw dolphins.

This was the youngest kids first trip to see the ocean. (yes, technically the gulf of Mexico)

Even though it was cold and windy the kids had a great time looking for shells, and playing in the sand and water.

Annie, Luke, and Kambree all ended up soaked. They loved jumping waves with Brad.

My sandcastle.

Nelsons big moat.

We wrote messages in the sand.

Kambree's message was: How are you?

After the beach we drove to check out the boardwalk in Kumah. (still cold and windy)

That night we stayed in a hotel and went out for Jason's Deli.

Our next stop was the Aquarium in Houston. It was cool and a little rainy, but we had a great time.

Can you see Kambree in the bubble?

Photo op!

The view from the Ferris Wheel. You can see Brad and Luke on the bench. We loved our quick vacation. It wasn't the best of weather, but we didn't have any crowds and we didn't have to travel very far. I'd love to go to the same area next year.

Macey asked for an Owl cake for her birthday this year. After checking out the Internet for ideas, this is what I came up with. I thought it turned out awesome!

A new watch.

The gift she as waiting for

Annie celebrated her 7th birthday. We continued with our tradition of a St. Patricks Day themed Birthday cake.

Annie wanted to make it a fairy themed cake before she blew out the candles, so she added her new tinkerbelle.

Macey had an Owl themed birthday party. The girls enjoyed waffles for dinner with syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate chips.

The girls made owl hair clips, decorated owl cookies, and made owl shrinkydink key chains.

All their cookies.

Here are Macey's cookies.

Opening gifts.

Cute Owl cupcakes.

Their keychains.

Our birthday month was lots of fun. I especially enjoyed making the cakes and cupcakes this year.