Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rose Festival

This October our town celebrated the Rose Festival. We started the morning out by attending the parade.

My niece, Sarah, marching in her junior high band. She is in the second row the farther away.

Here comes Nelson!

That afternoon I took Annie and Kambree to the queens tea. My friend's daughter was a train bearer. She looks so pretty.

The girls with the Queen.

The queen's train

I love the smell at the rose gardens. It smell so good!! It is fun to go and see all the dresses and beautiful girls.

Back to School

The kids went back to school at the end of August. We didn't even have a whole 2 weeks from getting home from vacation and school starting, so we were rushed preparing for everything. For some reason I have lost most of the pictures that I took of the first day of school. Nelson started 8th grade, Macey started 6th grade, Kambree started 4th grade, and Annie started 2nd grade. Luke is still home with me for the rest of the year. So far everyone is doing great!

Home Again, Home Again

After leaving Island Park we headed home. We stopped in Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. This time we took a tour of the roof of the Conference Center.

Then we headed across the street to see the Statue of Christ. This was our third time seeing the statue and hearing the message. We saw it in St. George and Idaho Falls as well.

After temple square we found a restaurant that we used to eat at before we moved. We loved the twisted bread sticks at the Pizza Factory. Attached to the restaurant is Fat Cats, which is bowling, arcades, and a neon golf course. We all enjoyed a round of golf.

After golfing we went to my Aunt Nancy's to visit and spend the night. After church the next morning we were off to Colorado Springs to see Wendy and her family and finally one more day of driving to arrive home. I love these extended vacations seeing family and making great memories!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Kambree

Kambree celebrated her 9th birthday on the last day of our Nelson reunion. She got to be with all her Nelson cousins and float down a river on her special day. Her Aunt Corrine helped make her the best birthday sign ever! We decorated with a few streamers and put out her presents.
I'm sorry the pictures are so bad. I took them with Brad's phone thinking they would be better than mine...but I was wrong.

Kambree wore a "happy birthday" pin all day so we could all remember it was her special day.

All the cousins watching her open presents. She got some clothes and jewelry and a speaker for her itouch. That night she had her favorite dinner of baked potatoes.

She ordered a candy land cake after being inspired by a picture of cousin Lola's birthday cake. Her cake choice totally fit her, she is a huge candy lover!

Happy Birthday to our middle, of the middle child!!