Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to February

Before I can blog about March and all of our birthday mania I need to get our February pictures on here. We started off the month with Super Bowl Sunday!! I really don't watch the game, but I do make good food! We also use it as and excuse to eat dinner while watching the TV.
Gotta have something healthy!

We always have a cake!

It all looks good!

We did the traditional "Nelson" Valentine's Day exchange again this year to celebrate the day of LOVE! I had Brad.

Luke had Me

Macey had Nelson (I don't know why she's not in the picture)

Kambree had Macey

Dad had Kambree

Nelson had Annie. I told him he had a actually write something nice about her in the card. He needed a little help, but ended up doing a good job.

Annie had Luke. She made lots of stuff, including a pretty cool lion puppet.

Brad got me some beautiful tulips for Valentine's ~ my favorite

The weather started to get warmer by the end of February so Brad decided we should have dinner outside on the patio.

Daffodils from around our yard.

Nelson's school had a night you could come and see all the projects that the students had been working on during the year. His big calculator project for Algebra is behind him. (Pokemon)
That is our month of February! March had proven to be much busier so far. I'm excited to post about birthdays and Spring Break!