Monday, August 17, 2009

Reunion Time!

On the third day of our reunion we celebrated my niece, Karly's, 12th birthday. What a cute girl she is!! The day was filled with lots of fun stuff.
Karly opening her presents

Bryan planned some fun games to play. Here the kids are playing "zoom"

Brad won the Limbo contest!

Audrey was the best woman limboer

Here is low can ya go?

Dennis getting ready to Hula!

Brad and Bryan attempting to Hula Hoop

Jacob and Bo watching the crazies

Amy and Brynn lookin' cute!

Nelson's turn to Hula Hoop. He got his booty shakin!

Kyle and Blake
Grandpa with Luke and Emily. Hanging out in the lobby waiting to go shopping

Kayla, Sarah, Annie, and Luke waiting to go shopping

Karly, Macey, and Annie. As you can see some of my kids were enjoying posing for pictures.

I found Luke very involved in filling out his reunion journal.

That morning the girls and boys split up for crafts. I helped the girls tie ribbon on flip flops and then painted toe nails

Here are the girls posing with their tied flip flops. The boys did some surf board crafts with Stacy. I don't have any pics since I was helping with the girls.