Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Mania!

This post is a little of everything that we have been doing the last couple of days in celebration of Macey and Annie's birthdays.
On Sunday night we made a peace sign cake for Macey. She wanted to invite her friend over for cake. We invited the friend and her whole family over to sing Happy Birthday and have some cake. Macey liked how her cake turned out!

Macey had a hard time blowing out her candles. She kept laughing and it sounded like she was panting. She did finally get them all out!

Macey and my nephew, Jacob, share the same birthday. So on their "real" birthday we had Jacob and his family, and Grandma and Grandpa over for pizza. We also celebrated Annie's birthday since Wednesday's (her "real" birthday) are too crazy to try and get everyone together.

Jacob opening his present from Grandma and Grandpa

Macey opening a book from the family.

Annie checking out her card from Grandma and Grandpa.

A picture that Luke took.

Another picture from Luke

Erica brought the cake. She got a HUGE cookie cake that had all three of the kids names and ages on it. It was very fun.

The birthday kids checking out the cake.

Macey's traditional birthday sign picture. (she was upset with me because I forgot to take it before she changed into pj's) Macey is now 10 years old. I have two kids in the double digits!! She is sweet, helpful, and kind. I'm very happy that she is my first daughter!
10 facts about Macey
1. She is the oldest daughter
2. She is a talented card maker
3. She writes creative stories
4. She is learning how to be a good cleaner
5. She can do her own hair
6. She loves to go to Activity Days
7. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up
8. All her teachers love her
9. She has learned to enjoy reading books on her own
10. She is learning to play the piano.
Now for Annie's Birthday/St. Patrick's Day!!

This is Kambree's St. Patricks Day hair do.

Here is Annie's. Can you tell they are 3 leaf clovers?

Almost every year Annie gets a St. Patty's Day themed birthday cake. This year I did a rainbow cake inside and out. (Heather I heard you made one too!)

First I made 6 bowls of batter in the colors of the rainbow.

After they were all baked I had them cool on the counter.

All stacked up.

Annie's traditional birthday poster picture. See her hat? She wore it all day and didn't take it off till bedtime, even when we went out to dinner!

Opening presents.

Checking everything out.

Now back to the cake. I finished decorating it. I had a few problems because I tried a new icing recipe and it was too runny even though it tasted really good! The layers kept on sliding around and it didn't stick to the sides very well.

Blowing out the candles.

It looks pretty fun inside! We actually didn't eat the cake for a few hours after she blew out the candles. First we went out to dinner at our families favorite restaurant, Jason's Deli, then we split up. Brad took Macey to her thing and we took Nelson to his thing. A few hours later after picking everyone up we finally had cake.

The next two pictures are for Grandma Merrilee. She loves her Fairies book!

Her new outfit fits great!
Annie is now 6! She is very lovable. She loves Kindergarten! All year I have heard "Miss Jordan says...." To Annie everything her teacher says is THE LAW! What a fun girl she is! I am so very happy to have her in our family
6 facts about Annie
1. She has beautiful long blond hair
2. She is learning to read
3. She loves to play with her sisters
4. She talks alot!!!
5. She is very good at dancing
6. She still loves to cuddle
Well, our Birthday mania is over. It was very busy around here for awhile especially when you add in our Anniversary the week before! (13 years) I do enjoy making cakes and trying to make sure the kids feel special on their day. Macey and Annie we love you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break!

The kids were able to enjoy Spring Break this past week. We started out visiting with our friends. The Walters stopped by to visit before heading to Megan's gym meet. We sure miss them!
Best buds!

After a rainy day, some dentist appointments, and a wonderful lunch out with Grandma, we headed to the fish hatchery. This is Luke enjoying a tram ride around the hatching ponds.

Nelson, Luke, and Kambree with the alligators in the background.

All the kids that were with us on our outing (3 families)

After checking out some exhibits, walking a nature trail, and watching a dive show, the kids set out to do some fishing.

Annie is ready to go.

Nelson relaxing while he fishes. (he was taking things pretty seriously!)

Annie again

This is Macey's reaction to her first catch!

She tried to get a little closer for a picture. My friend was brave enough to take the fish off the hook. Thanks Nicole

Annie's first catch. Unfortunately, Nicole wasn't by us to get out the hook. I tried, but the hook was way down in the fishes mouth so I ended up asking a man the was by us to help out.

The next day we were off to the zoo. The girls are all standing in the elephants footprint. Nelson didn't come, he got to go to work with Brad instead.

Luke's favorite are the giraffes. He wouldn't pose by them though. He hasn't like being in pictures lately.

The next shots are of a place called "Mrs. Lee's Garden" Its a private property full of daffodils. For about 6 weeks each spring they allow people to drive the property to see all the daffodils. It is about a four mile drive through the property.

Luke still didn't like being in pictures!

This is how Nelson looked most of the trip. He was not impressed by the beauty of the daffodils.

The week is over...back to getting up at 6:45, practicing lessons, and doing homework!