Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's a warm 54 degrees

Do you see the girl in her bikini soaking up the sun on her roof? This is what we saw around lunchtime when we looked out the window. The funniest thing is that it isn't even that warm here. The temp at this time was 54 degrees (12 celcius)!! I guess she wanted to get a jump start on her base tan!

I went out to the back of the yard to get a better picture, but the tree was in the way. I guess I could of tried harder to get a better shot, but I didn't want any of our neighbors seeing me trying to take pictures of the sunbathing beauty! really was too funny not to take pictures of and post!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day!

Macey and I started our day decorating Brad's office for Valentines Day. We also brought muffins, juice, and fruit for the Bishopric.
Alana... did you notice the picture on the desk? It is of the kids spelling LOVE U-thanks for the idea!

We also left Valentines on all the chairs for them to enjoy.

I made a cake for my laurel class. ( It was part of an object lesson....thanks Heather)

Of course the girls all wore V-day hair do's! This one is thanks to "Adopt a do Cute Girls Hairstyles" (Link on my sidebar) Can you tell it's an X and O?

Macey and Annie's do's are thanks to "The Story of a Princess and her Hair" (Link on my sidebar)

For the second year we exchanged names. Luke had dad.

Annie had Nelson

Kambree had Luke

Macey had Kambree

Nelson had Macey

Mom had Annie. Brad had me and he made an awesome Valentine, but we didn't take a picture.

Dinner included some Love Potion. Annie wanted to know what the potion made you do!

We had some decorations!

What a fun day! I hope you all had a happy love day too!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Do you remember on Christmas Eve how excited we were that snowflakes were falling? Imagine how we felt this morning when we woke up to this!!!! (6 inches)

We have not seen snow like this since leaving Utah over 4 1/2 years ago! Luke has never been in snow like this before. He has played in it the most of all the kids (though I will admit he does actually have snow boots) The kids have been in and out, building snowmen and forts. What a fun snow day!