Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Its Reunion Time....

This is the last past post of this reunion! We spent the last day hangin out with each other, crafting, doing a service project, enjoying a talent show, and having family night.
Kayla and Macey painting their picture blocks

Emily got into the painting too.

Brad had to take a few minutes to return work and bishop calls

The kids in their shirts and candy lei's that Erica helped them make

We tied 22 fleece blankets in about an hour!

We were making them to give to a children's hospital

Everyone had fun helping!

Erica, Blake, and Sarah finishing up!

Bo and Brynn. Doesn't Brynn look cute in her reunion shirt?

Our family picture. Notice Luke....he had fallen asleep and we had to wake him up. He was not happy.

Fun face picture

Grandma and Grandpa wrote a poem about our family to read during family night...who knew they were so talented!

Brad was the MC for the talent show

Brayden doing his coin trick

Annie did a dance

Wendy and Stacy dressed up to Hula.

It was a great reunion. Thanks everyone who prepared and got all the activities ready. We can't wait till 2011!