Monday, February 18, 2008

Lice and Rashes

I got a phone call on Valentines Day from the school nurse telling me that Kambree had lice. I was pretty grossed out to say the least. Brad got the lice shampoo that the nurse recommended from a pharmacy here in town and I got to work on Kambree's hair. I called my sister in law, Stacy, who unfortunatly has had to deal with lice too, to see if she had any advice for me. She helped me figure out what the nits looked like, and so I picked those out of Kambree's hair. I washed all the sheets, vacuumed, and disinfected. The next day Kambree got up and had a bright red, puffy face. She had a reaction to the shampoo and her face looks terrible. We kept her home that day and I went through her hair 3 times picking out nits for a total of 5 hours. Saturday I went through her hair and found 2 nits and Sunday I found 1. Today I sent her to school after doing a quick check (10 minutes) and then after school I went through it again only to find a live louse!! I freaked out. Of course we were expecting two families and the missionaires over for dinner. I went through Kambree's hair again before I sent her to bed and didn't find anything. I'm pretty sure she brought home the live bug from school again. I plan on calling the nurse in the morning so she can check the kids again. Kambree is going to school with tight braids tomorrow that will be covered in hairspray! If she comes home with another bug tomorrow she may not go to school again for a long time.