Saturday, July 12, 2008

Does Anyone Know Where The First Part Of The Summer Went?

I can't believe how far into summer we already are. I worried about having bored kids at the beginning of June since we didn't have any big vacation planned. It is now well into July and I am just now getting the "I'm bored!" We have been keeping a bit busy by choosing a different activity to do each day. (my sister, Heather, gave me the idea to have each kid choose a different activity like, library, make a treat, rent a movie, have friends. Then each day everyone does one activity together. It has been working really well.) For the 4th of July we went to a pancake breakfast at the church and then packed up and headed for Dallas. We spent the afternoon swimming with the Amy and her family, and Stacy and her family, along with Prudy and Dennis. Then we went back to Amy's for a great BBQ dinner. We stayed over and went to the temple and then to a movie. It was a great family weekend getaway. We all had a great time!

All of the kids reading books after our first summer trip to the library.

Macey in the July 4Th children's parade at the church. (all the kids brought decorated bikes and scooters and rode them in a line after the pancake breakfast. They thought it was great!)

Nelson and his decorated scooter

Grandma, Grandpa, and Luke watching the parade (just a note - a mother of one child would have decorated some sort of push toy for her 18 month to use in the parade. A mother of five children didn't even think about it until the whole event was over. Poor Luke!)

Double Digits Baby!

Nelson is very excited to announce that he had reached double digits this year. He had a great birthday with presents, a movie, grandparents, and cake. Can you guess what is cake is suppose to be?
Nelson's top 10 Qualities
#10 He is funny
#9 He is creative
#8 He is goal oriented
#7 He is very inquisitive
#6 He loves to play games
#5 He is a great Friend
#4 He is a caring brother
#3 He is a loving Son
#2 He is an awsome reader
#1He has a wonderful testimony