Thursday, August 21, 2008

No More Gold

Like millions of Americans we have been watching the Olympics. Today Brad was telling me about the Women's Softball. I guess they have decided not to renew softball in the Olympics after this year and some say that one reason is the domination of the United States in the sport. So today Brad said that the US women's got silver not gold in the softball and isn't that kind of ironic. He left the room and then Kambree said "Maybe they just ran out of gold this year." Funny girl!!

Birthday Celebrations

I just wanted to share some pictures of the birthdays that we've celebrated at our house! Brad's was on July18, mine on July 28, and Kambree's on August 5th. We did have some fun plans for Kambree's birthday. We went to Chuck e Cheese and then to Brad's soccer game to celebrate!

Has anyone seen my eye?

Just a fun story. Today why I was making dinner Annie was whining at me to give her glue. She wanted to glue a googly eye on a pom pom like Kambree did earlier. I was ignoring her since I had already explained that I was busy and I'd help her do it after dinner. All the sudden she started screaming so I looked at her and asked what was wrong. Brad came in and looked at her too. She said that her nose hurt, so Brad started looking at it. I asked if she had stuck her finger up her nose and she said "no." Then I noticed that she didn't have her googly eye anymore. I asked her if she had put it up her nose and she said "no." Brad went to check anyway, but he came back and said that he didn't see anything up there. So we continued to have dinner. Half way through, Annie did a big sneeze that sprayed everywhere. Then a few minutes later Annie quietly came over to me and said "Mom, the eye is up my nose." I told her to see her dad, and Brad closed one of her nostrils and slid the eye out of the other where it just stuck on her upper lip. It was very funny. We guess her sneeze loosened the eye up. I don't know why she didn't fess up to it at the beginning - funny girl!