Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School

It's official! We all made it though the first week back to school. The kids seemed to do better as the week went on. To me the week seemed more like a month as all the memories of DRIVING kids everywhere came back. I am very happy that the kids fell right back into the routine of everything. We'll have to see how these next few weeks go as more homework and after school activities and practices are introduced. The pictures are of the kids right before leaving for the first day.
off to 1st grade
7th grade

3rd grade

5th grade (she was so nervous she was sick to her stomach and couldn't eat breakfast. Poor girl! She did great once we were at the school and went into her classroom like a true "oldest in the school" student.

All of them together. Pretty good pictures especially since I made them all get out the car to take them! Here's hoping its a great year!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The rest of the summer

I finally sat down to post about the month of July and realized that August was almost over. The kids will be starting school on Monday so I thought I might as well post about the rest of the summer. Since the end of June we have celebrated 4 birthdays, I went to Idaho, Kambree was baptized, we went to six flags, and Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came to visit. As always I have posted lots of pictures to illustrate our summer!

The 4th of July! We had some friends over for dinner. Once it was dark we went outside and set off a few fireworks that they had brought.

In the middle of July I headed to Boise to spend a long weekend with all my sisters, sister in laws, and my mom. There were 8 of us. We did lots of talking, crafting, shopping and eating. The only thing we didn't do was sleep! It was so much fun connecting with all my sisters again and getting to know them even better. I look forward to the next sister weekend in two years!

Some earrings that I made while in Boise

Some necklace pendants. We did some medal stamping, which was fun.

Brad turned 39 this year. His birthday fell on a Sunday so the day before Nelson and I went and got 39 helium balloons to put in his office at church.

I think I actually surprised him! After church Brad gave each primary child a balloon to take home. You should of seen all the happy kids around the church!

The sign the girls made for his door. There are 39 candles all around it.

Brad's birthday sign and his presents.

Brad got lots of homemade cards from the kids.

He also got a new tie, scriptures, and of course new socks!

We filled a laundry basket with 39 of Brad's favorite snacks. The kids put a "love note" on each item to let him know why they loved him.

Brad checking out his treats!

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Lots of Candles.
Right after having cake we loaded up and drove to attend my nephew's Court of Honor. That night we stayed in a Hotel across the street from Six Flags. The next morning we headed over to six flags to spend the day. We all had a great time. It was really hot, but we stayed hydrated and went on lots of water rides. Luke was tall enough to ride everything with us and it was fun to go on the rides all together as a family.

Flowers for my birthday

Notice that I am wearing a jacket! It was hot outside, but I wasn't feeling very well on my birthday. I was still able to enjoy cake and ice cream and a late dinner out with Brad. Brad gave me a cricut and some guilt free cash! Even with my cold it was a great day.

My cake (notice it is chocolate)

Blowing out the candles

Kambree's birthday is next! These are the gumball cupcakes we had with some of her friends.

Our friends girls came over to play games and have cupcakes. We played games all with a "gum" theme.

Kambree and her birthday sign

Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Hyland

A new bike from mom and dad

A Gumball machine cake. Kambree's favorite thing is GUM!

Blowing out her candles

My sister in law took some beautiful "baptism" pictures of Kambree. These are some of my favorites.

The kids all ready to go to Kambree's Baptism (Nelson wasn't ready yet)

Brad and Kambree right before the baptism. It was a wonderful meeting. Nelson gave the talk on Baptism and Kambree's cousin, Sarah, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. (These pictures are from my mom's camera and I don't know how to change the angle)

Kambree right after she was baptized. My mom made her beautiful dress. After the baptism we had refreshments with the theme "Great to be 8" I don't know why we didn't take some pictures. The favorite were #8 shaped sugar cookies. They were a labor of love, but looked and tasted great. (thanks for the idea Rebecca)

My parents came for the baptism and for a visit. While they were here my dad celebrated his birthday. Here he is looking at some homemade cards from the kids.

Birthday pie. Brad and I took my parents on a drive and while we were gone the kids put up streamers and balloons to decorate.

Blowing out the candles

Luke coloring. While my parents were here, Brad and I left to go to the temple and have a short get-away. These pictures are from when we were gone.

Grandpa took everyone to Wal Mart to pick out a treat and get a movie from the red box.


While we were gone we bought a bookshelf from Ikea. Nelson made a little house for Luke out of the boxes.

While Grandma and Grandpa were here we went Bowling. Here is Annie




We had a great visit with my parents. I wish we were able to see them more often. I guess we will look forward to seeing them again next summer. Our summer really has been good. I'm not quite ready for it to be over, but we went to "meet the teacher" this afternoon and on Monday morning they will be back in school. I'm thankful of the memories and experinces that we have had this summer!