Sunday, August 16, 2009

This next post is of our second day of the Hyland reunion. I actually took lots of pictures this summer and since it's likely none of these pictures will ever be printed out I am going to post lots of them. Sorry if you get bored, but you have been warned! On this night we attended at minor league ball game. I wasn't too excited about going since first of all it's a sport and I'm not a big fan, and second of all it was going to be hot!! It turned out to be so much fun. We were never in the direct sun and there was a good breeze going. I didn't have to watch too much of the game until the end when it got exciting. Keeping up with the kids kept me nice and busy. I'm sure Luke and I visited the restroom at least 6 times. The food was great and of course, so was the company. The game ended with a grand slam followed by fireworks. Thanks so much for arranging it all Dennis and Prudy. We all had a great time!

The kids already to go to the game in their reunion shirts.

Macey and Grandma at the game

Hyland fans

Luke wearing his game hat

Ready to head home (they're all still smiling!)

Earlier in the day we did some fun crafts. The kids decorated pillowcases and then we all designed covers for our reunion journals.
Annie coloring her fish

Macey colored a beautiful flower

Emily helping with her pillowcase

Braxton and Koy creating!

The adults getting their journal covers done

A rare picture of me :)