Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I wanted to redo the girls room and I found a great idea for their room from a friend (thanks Breanne!) So I made paint selections and had plans when Nelson told me that he wanted his room painted to. I wasn't too excited about doing two rooms, but it made sense because we were moving a set of big bunk beds. If I was going to repaint in the next little while I might as well do it now. Plus, Nelson's birthday is coming up and he used that on me. The boys had a brown room with a cowboy theme. I loved their names above their beds and was sad to see them go.

Since Nelson wanted a new paint job, I had him take everything off the walls and start to clean out the room.

I guess this is the only picture that I have taken so far of the new look. We moved the bunk bed in here and painted the room what Nelson calls "BYU blue". We have plans to get a big vinyl BYU sign for the opposite wall. When we get it I'll try to take a picture.

This is the girls room before. It was purple and they had the big bunk bed in there along with another single bed.

Another view. These pictures were taken after I had already taken everything off the walls. They had butterflies and tool around at the top of the walls by the ceiling and some butterflies hanging from the ceiling. It was cute.

These were the last few dots...I was glad it was almost done!

The final paint job! Notice the butterfly from the ceiling. Kambree loves green and Annie loves pink. Macey loves blue but didn't get that paint color so we let a blue butterfly for her.

The girls in bed. The painting is done, but not the bedding or the curtains. We are planning on getting twin over twin bunk beds to replace the full size bed that Annie is on, but it probably won't happen till the fall. I hope to post again when the final touches are all done, but knowing how our life goes it probably won't be for a few months!! Don't you love the dots?

What time is it? SUMMER TIME!!

We weren't planning on putting up our EZ set pool this summer, but after a few hot weeks in May, Brad decided to pull it out to clean. We had to clean all the "gunk" that had accumulated over the winter and then dry it out. All the kids helped clean since they were excited about having something to cool off in . After the pool was clean it took about week before Brad had time to set it up.
Luke was not impressed that I wouldn't let him go outside to get in the half full pool (it was about 10pm!)
The pool is getting full! The picture is weird because I used some setting so you could see in the dark.

The first pool day!

Don't they look happy!

Unfortunately the kids had a little too much fun that first day and all got burnt. I did put sunscreen on all of them, but I never reapplied! Nelson got it the worst. Now it's been a week and they all have dark tans! I'm glad that we put up the pool. Now the weather needs to cool off a little bit because it is so hot that the pool is like a hot tub! I think the kids might get in again if we drop in a few bags of ice!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Last day's of school before the dog days of summer!

The last few day's of school are always busy, and this year was no different!

This is Macey's final 3rd grade project. It's Florida made from a cookie cake. She got 100!

This is Macey at her awards ceremony. She got a PYP certificate and a button for being on the A Honor Roll.

Nelson had 5th Grade Grad! It was a pretty big deal. The ceremony was at the at night and at the High School. This is Nelson walking down the aisle for the precession.

The whole 5th grade.

Nelson receiving his diploma

The handsome Grad!

These are Kambree's two best friends in her first grade class. (they are enjoying the end of the year party!)

I made some cookie cakes to eat at the party

Kambree got an award for being caring!

Mrs. Pope looking at her end of the year gift from her class. (I had each child write/draw a page and then had it bound) She loved it...it made her cry!

Nelson's class put together "put put" golf holes on the last day. This one was
Nelson's group.

These girls even had a water hole!

Macey with her reading help teacher, Miss Jett!

Nelson with his teacher Miss Fitz!

Macey with her teacher Miss Hughes!

Kambree with her teacher Miss Pope (I love her!)

I think the kids had a great year, but we are all excited about summer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bruises and Boo Boo's

A week ago or so Brad and I were just about to go to bed when we heard a big "bump". I went in the girls room and found Annie with blood all over her face. We cleaned her up and found a big lip under all the mess. This is Annie being woken up by the flash of the camera. She is not sticking her lip out....it was HUGE!

This is Annie with another hurt lip. She acquired this one during the first ten minutes of being at the zoo on our last day of Preschool. This fat lip even came with a banged up knee!

Every two years, almost like clockwork, Brad twists, sprains, hurts, his ankle. Luckily this one has only kept him out of his soccer league. Basketball is still on!

Do Sunday's make you tired?