Monday, January 28, 2008

Uplifting Conference

President Jefferey R. Holland came to Tyler, Texas this weekend for our conference. It was amazing. Brad attended the Priesthood Session and said there weren't many dry eyes by the end. He said Elder Holland was very moving. I felt the same way during the Saturday night adult session. He spoke about trials and what we need to do during them. It truly felt like he was speaking directly to me. On Sunday we got ready and went up to the church over an hour early. Even getting there that early we sat half way back in the gym. The kids did great at listening and being reverent and we were again taught by Elder Holland. He told us about President Hinckley. He said that he was sick and missed his wife. He told us that everyone around him including his kids and his councilors were always trying to get him to take a day off. He told us that he didn't know anyone else at almost 98 who worked like President Hinckley, if fact he wasn't sure that he knew anyone who was even 98. He told us that the church was and always has been President Hinckley's life. He wondered aloud about what President Hinckley would do if he wasn't doing Churchwork. He said, "Can you imagine President Hinckley in Palm Springs?" "I don't think he would even know what a golf club was and he has certainly never worn a bathing suit!" Elder Holland has a wonderful sense of humor. It was an amazing experience to listen to him. It felt very personal. I feel even more blessed after leaning about President Hinckley passing away. I'm sure Elder Holland had been worrying about him. After the meeting the kids and I went into the foyer and Elder Holland shook my hand and Nelson's hand, and then he touched Macey and Kambree, and talked a few seconds to Annie. I was amazed at the spirit he possesses as a special witness of Christ. It was a great conference.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Callings, New Adventures

Well, Brad was called, sustained, and set apart as the 2nd Councilor in the Bishopric on Sunday. Very Exciting! I think he is a little nervous, but he will do great. I on the other hand am not too sure about it. I'm not worried about him being gone all the time. He probably won't be too much busier than he has been with the last calling. I'm worried about Sunday's! Thank goodness my in-laws live in the same ward, BUT they are starting to do visits for ward conferences and will be gone a few times a month. Luke is at at very active loud stage right now. I've also be relying on Brad to take Luke the last two hours of church while I'm in Primary. I know he will still be able to take him, but not always for the whole time. I had Luke in Primary with me on Sunday and he was a mess. I just had to hang out in the hall with him. However, he will be going to nursery in 6 months. Yay! I'm sure we will have a few embarrassing moments in sacrament meeting, but embarrassing moments do make great stories! I really am excited for Brad and I'm sure our family will be blessed by this new adventure!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

Job's I've Had: Babysitter, Housekeeper, Phone Directories Distribution, MTC Health Center file clerk, Beauty Salon receptionist, BYU custodian, Temporary Staffer, Oil company Data entry clerk.

Movies I watch over and over: How to lose a guy in 10 days, Wedding Planner, Barbie the princess and the pauper.

Places I've lived: Banff Alberta, Ottawa Ontario, Winnepeg Manitoba, Sherwood park Alberta, Rexburg Idaho, Provo Utah, Springville Utah, Colorado springs Colorado, Tyler Texas.

Places I want to visit: Europe, Navuoo, Redwood Forest, Disney World, Hawaii, San Antonio (I may actually get there in the next year!)

Places I have visited: California, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Portland, Vancouver BC, Victoria BC.

T.V. Shows I watch: Gilmore Girls, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, John and Kate plus 8, Run's House.

I tag Angie H. and Wendy!

The Hylands!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Luke's First Birthday

Luke had his first birthday on Saturday. He had a great day. He was in a good mood and seemed to like all of the other kids hugging him and yelling Happy Birthday at him. We just hung out most of the day and got ready for his little party. We had Grandma and Grandpa, Bryan, and Erica, Blake, Sarah, Jacob, and Emily over for the party. We had a pinata shaped like a basketball, filled with fruit snacks and smarties. His cake was a sports jersey with his name and number 1 on it. He had his own little cake all to himself. Luke is a great little guy. He is now walking just a little more than he is crawling. He is still toothless so we are waiting for that milestone. Here are some pictures, but they aren't very good because our camera is awful.

The Hylands!