Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Can I just tell you all again how much I love 1pm church!! It is giving me plenty of time for my new hobby of hair do's. I was inspired to come up with this "do" from one of the hair blogs I frequent. (Hairstyles for Girls) I did knots all the way down the middle of her head and then pulled them into pony tails. Then I twisted the ponytails into buns. I thought it looked fun!

I got Kambree's "do" straight off the hair blog that I have a button for at the top of my blog.(Hairstyles for girls) I had to have Macey help me hold her hair, (Kambree was way too busy watching a show) but it wasn't too hard. Thanks Mindy for all your great ideas!

Brad started his meetings at 10:30 this morning and didn't get home until 7:45 tonight. Since he wasn't coming home I didn't plan a big dinner. Since I wasn't making a big dinner I had some time to relax! I was such a nice change. We had sandwiches and leftover salads from last night. I was even a really great wife and I had packed a lunch for Brad to eat on his way from our chapel to the chapel where his meetings were. Anyway, the video is what I found the kids doing when I went to make sandwiches. Amazing that they were all playing together and not fighting. It was a great Sunday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We celebrated Valentine's Day half of last week and had a blast doing it! I downloaded a bunch of pictures and went ahead and put them all on one post.

We drew names in our family this year. Everyone had to make or get a Valentine for the person that they picked. This is Luke and Brad. Luke made Brad a candy card Valentine. As you can see Brad loved it! All the other pictures of our exchanges are at the end. I have a hard time posting pictures in order!
We started the celebrations with a Valentine's party for playgroup. The kids decorated Valentine mailboxes and exchanged Valentine's.

We had lots of yummy food!

I made Velvet cake balls! Thanks, Kristi for the idea. They turned out really well.
On Friday we went to the school to check out all the class parties! This is Kambree and one of her good friends.
On Valentine's Day we were pretty busy with games and work, but we took the time to all go out for pizza the then have a little gift exchange party. Annie gave Nelson a book and made two bookmarks for him!

Kambree made Annie a purse and a candy necklace.
Like I said, I'm not good at picture order, these are all the kids with their gifts!
Brad gave Kambree her favorite thing...gum!! He also made her a great card.
I gave Macey a Valentine with new hairclips!
Nelson gave me a card with a great poem and a gift card to Sonic. This is the poem he wrote: Moms are great
Moms are neat
I got you this card,
For a special treat.
Macey made Luke a big Valentine's Heart made of fruit snacks...Luke's favorite food!
As you can see we had some great Valentine's celebrating!! I hope you all had great day's too!

Empty Shampoo Bottle take 2

A few days after the first shampoo bottle was emptied into the tub by Luke, another one faced the same fate. I really need to stop cleaning the kitchen while having Luke in the tub! We will see if there will be any other empty shampoo bottles or if Luke and I have learned our lesson!!

After his bubbly bath...check out the new hair cut.
I just thought this was a really cute shot!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hair Do's

Today I tried out a few Hair Do's on Kambree and Annie. Both of these Do's have hearts in them. I love having church late so I can take some time to try new hair do's out!! I found these ideas on some hair blogs that I like to check out.

Annie's lattice heart!

Kambree's heart is the hair that is wrapped in ribbon. Next time I'll try to work on getting a better heart shape. I think I have to use twice as much gel!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Terrible Two's

Luke has be working hard on mastering the "Terrible Two's." He has perfected the temper tantrum and refusing naps. He is also working really hard at moving to the next level of mess making. His favorite sayings at the moments are "I don't want it" and "that one" These sayings, of course, go hand in hand. He points in some direction and says "that one" and then as I point at anything and everything he could possibly want he says "I don't want it" Of course the thing that he really wants was the first item that I pointed to. I guess he just wants to make sure he is making the best choice.

I made about a hundred cookies today(literally, they are for a primary activity tomorrow.) As I was working on cleaning the floor, Luke was helping clean the counter.

Last night I put Luke in the bath and then went to sweep the kitchen floor. When I came back to check on him I found a bathtub full of bubbles. He poured an entire bottle of shampoo in the tub.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rah! Rah!

Kambree is doing Upward Cheer this season. She really loves it and I can even hear her yelling!!

Our Trip to the Zoo

During the MLK in January, we took some time to go to the zoo. My parents gave our family a year membership to the zoo for Christmas. Thanks for the great gift!!! The weather was perfect and the zoo wasn't crowded. Our membership even came with a $10 coupon to spend at the gift shop. All the kids went home with a zoo coloring book and pencil. What fun! Unfortunately, on the way home, Luke barfed all over the car. Oh well, all good things must come to an end!