Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Gifts

These are the bags that I crocheted for the girls as Christmas gifts. I think they turned out pretty good. My friend Melissa helped me with the pattern and helped me remember some basic stitches. I started them in October sometime and they didn't get finished until Dec. 23rd. Making three all together may not have been the best choice. I was worried that I would have done all this work and the girls wouldn't even care about them. Thank goodness that they did love them. They even packed them up the other day to take to their sleepover at their Grandma's. That makes it all worth it!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Macey's First Piano Performance

Macey started taking piano lessons last September from one of the young women in our ward. Tonight we went to her piano teachers home so they could perform and have a mini recital. She did a great job!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

5 is Great Christmas Edition Tag

Favorite Christmas Movies:
White Christmas - my #1
Charlie Brown Christmas
The Santa Clause
The Grinch that Stole Christmas

5 Things that happened yesterday:
I finished one part of my Christmas cards
Did preschool for Annie and her friend
Played Wii Fit
Tried to take a nap, but didn't

5 Things to look forward to:
Going to the temple this weekend
The kids getting out of school so I can sleep in
The big annual Hyland New Years party
Enrichment night

5 Things on my wish list:
New PJ's
Going to see a Drive thru Light Display
A clean house
Sleeping in
A new watch

5 Things I love about winter/ Christmas:
Being able to put the kids in the car without sweating
Christmas countdown ribbons
Shopping for Christmas gifts
Christmas Lights
Snow - I hope to see some this year!!

5 People to tag
Heather, Michelle, Rebecca, Alana, Kristi

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Countdown

For Family night last Monday we put our candy on our countdown ribbons. We went all out this year(for us) with 4 kinds of candy kisses. My favorite are the mint truffle - they are good!! So far only Luke's ribbon is a little off. It seems that Annie has shown him how to take the candies off. He might be getting up to his bell a little early this year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Triple Conjuction

We received the following email forwarded to us from a friend and thought we would go outside and see what we could see. We did see the moon and the two planets really clearly together. We missed them crossing, but it was still fun to go outside and know what you were looking at!!

A Triple Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, & the Moon

Tonight go outside after sunset when the sky gets dark and look to the
South-west. You'll see what looks like two bright stars. Besides the
moon, these are the brightest objects in the night sky, but they're not
stars at all. They are the planets Jupiter and Venus. You'll be able
to tell them apart because Venus is always the brighter planet. You
might expect Jupiter to be brighter because it's the biggest planet in
the solar system, but that is not the case. Jupiter is over 527 MILLION
miles away, so it appears a little smaller and dimmer than Venus, which
is only a mere 100 MILLION miles away.

This evening, December 1st, the two planets will appear to pass one
another with only 2 degrees of apparent separation between them. That's
about the width of your thumb when held at arm's-length. When multiple
objects like this appear near one another in the sky, it's an event
known as a conjunction. Jupiter and Venus will not be visibly in
conjunction again until May 2011, so don't miss it this time. But, to
make this event even more exciting, on the evening of December first the
crescent moon will join the planets to form a triple conjunction of
three solar system objects–all observable with the unaided eye if the
weather cooperates.

Go out tonight and enjoy your universe!

Tom Hooten
Instructor, Physics & Engineering

The bright spot above Brad is the moon. The two planets were just below on either side, making a triangle.

Everyone is checking out the moon and planets! It was really cold!

Luke's Eye

We stayed Thanksgiving night at Stacy's and we had all the girls and Luke in the room with us. Luke was sleeping in his travel bed and woke up about 4am crying. I got him up and put him in the twin bed with me. After a few minutes we settled back down. In the next minute Luke rolled over and fell off the bed. He cried and I tried to get him quiet. I wandered around the house with him trying not to wake any of the other 19 people in the house. I took him back upstairs at 4:30 so I could get ready to go shopping. Brad took over and reported that he did get Luke back to sleep. When I got home Brad showed me Luke's face. He must have hit the side of the TV stand on the way off the bed. It does explain how much crying he did in the middle of the night! Now everywhere I've been people have asked me about his black eye. You can't tell in the pictures very well, but under his eye is black and blue and swollen. Poor Kid!

Monday, December 1, 2008

We went to Brad's sister, Stacy's, house for Thanksgiving. We got there about 1pm on Thursday. We relaxed for awhile and then started getting ready for the big dinner. The food was perfect. I love fried Turkey and I like fried Ham even more!!! It was all so good. We had a great time visiting with family (Amy and family & Grandma and Grandpa were there too!) The next morning Stacy, Prudy, and I set out shopping at about 4:50am. We hit 3 Wal Marts, Target, ToysRus, and some car store. I think we got home about 10am exhausted and happy with our purchases. The shopping craziness really is my favorite tradition at Thanksgiving. This year was a bit calmer than some in the past - we missed you Amy and Audrey!! We spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV. Except for some barfing from Kambree it was a great holiday. Thanks Stacy for having us all!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Artists

Today we started our Christmas celebrations by painting our own ornaments. The kids actually did a pretty good job with painting. Luke, was of course the biggest mess. He had more paint on himself than on his Christmas Tree. Brad and I got in the action too and had fun creating! The kids are out of school this whole week. Yesterday we didn't do anything. I don't think I was up and dressed until about noon. It was so nice!! I love sleeping in. Today we did a little better and went to a park to play this morning. Tomorrow is a big cleaning day. I told the kids that if we cleaned tomorrow, when we get back from Thanksgiving we could decorate the house for Christmas. I hope it will be a great incentive. I know it will get me motivated. I'm excited to decorate!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random updates

Last Monday for family night we had Turkey cupcakes. Nutterbutters made the best heads!

I stubbed my middle toe last week. It really hurt. My toe was already a "gimp" toe and now I think it's even shorter! It got swollen and back and blue. At church last Sunday I couldn't walk right and was limping everywhere. It's kind of funny how much function one little toe has. It's feeling better now and I'm not limping anymore. :]

I just thought this picture was funny. Luke has to imitate everyone. He dosen't care if things are for girls or boys, he just wants to try what everyone else is trying!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playgroup at the Zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday for playgroup. We met up with a few of our friends and had a great time checking out the animals. Luke calls all animals doggies. I thought maybe the zoo with its large variety of animals would help him out, but after looking at the pictures with him I've realized it hasn't. He is still pointing at all the animals and saying "doggie"! The weather was a perfect fall day. It was nice to be outside doing fun things with friends. My older kids have been feeling left out lately after hearing all the fun things we've been doing for playgroup. We are planning on doing something fun for them this weekend.

The kids posing in front of some Flamingos.
Rylee and Annie trying to stand on one foot like a Flamingo.

Check out that giraffe Reese!

Rylee and Annie by the penguins. The penguins were really funny to watch. They wouldn't get in the water, but were all standing together looking at this one spot on the roof of the habitat. Then this one penguin would start balking and the other would join them.
Luke, Annie, and Rylee feeding the ducks.
Thanks for going to the zoo with us playgroup friends. We had a great time!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Melissa's New Baby

My good friend had her baby today!! She invited me to come watch and help with her eight year old daughter, who was going to watch too, just in case something went wrong. The delivery went great! In fact the doctor missed it and the baby came out all on her own with a little help from the nurse. Heidi is 8lb 8oz and 20 1/2 in. She was born just after 1pm and is completely adorable. It was so exciting to watch her make her entrance into this world. Thanks for letting me be a part of it Melissa!

Trunk or Treat

Last Saturday, Brad was in charge of our Ward Trunk or Treat. It went really well. We had the kids walk the red carpet so we could all see them dressed up. Then they went around Truck or treating. We finished off with hot chocolate and donuts. We had a really good turn out and everyone had lots of fun!!

Check out Luke! Notice anything different? Luckily it washed out great.
Some how Kambree came home with about 3 times the candy as the rest of the kids. She said that everytime she went around people just kept giving her candy!lol

Annie has all of hers sorted out!

Look at our cool trunk!

When I went to get Luke out of the car when we got home, this is what I found. He had unwrapped all of his suckers and taken one lick.

Spooky Dinner

We had a spooky dinner last Monday as part of our Family Night. We ate witches hats dipped in blood, hotdog mummies, apples dipped in guts, mashed potato ghosts, and putrid punch. For dessert Macey made us witches hats out of cookies and kisses. We all enjoyed eating our scary treats!! Annie just needed to be reassured that it was all for fun!

A quick video of our table spread.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Fun Night & More!

This Friday was Family Fun Night at our school. The kids dressed up and we went to the school for some fun. There were carnival games, cotton candy and popcorn, and these eggs that were filled with birdseed. They have some name, but I don't know what it is. All of the older kids ran around smashing them on people. Our kids got in the fun too and loved to smash them on Brad. We go every year and we have always had a good time. I loved that this year they mostly did it outside.
P.S. Nelson is dressed as a soccer player since we picked him up from practice to go!

This afternoon we all went out to Pappy's Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful day - well maybe a little hot in the sun. We saw bunch of people that we knew, including a family that had moved away a few months ago. After we had been there a half hour or so our cousins showed up too! It was great to visit with them and have some fun!Kambree and Annie playing with Sarah!

All the family feeding the catfish

Kambree is a scarecrow!

The Boys!

The girls!

The Barrel train. Luke got on this time!!