Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day of School

I'm interrupting my travel log to share the first day of school. EXCITING!! I think everyone did really well today. No one seemed very nervous for school this morning, more excited. We celebrated the first day of school tonight for FHE, we went mini-golfing and then to Jason's Deli for dinner. Now to do it all again tomorrow! (well, not the golfing and going out to eat part...I'm going to have to cook :( )
The girls all ready for school

See? I told you they were excited!

Macey outside her 4th grade class

Kambree outside her 2nd grade class

Annie outside her kindergarten class

Annie in her class ready to start her first assignment

Nelson all dressed up to go to school

He's kind of looking at the camera this time. I don't think he appreciated having to pose for me!

Luke was still asleep after I got back from taking all the kids. I was wishing I was still in bed too!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashton...Part 2

Our day started at a bowling alley in Idaho Falls, ID. Everyone got their bowling shoes tied and we were rolling!
Glenn is our resident "nerd" or computer tech to say it nicely. He got us all set up to bowl.

Grandpa taking his turn.

Jake.....I think I may of had a better score if I had used bumpers...hmmm

Larry, Sarah, and Atticus checking out Jake's bowling form

Grandma waiting for her turn.

Roxy eating a bowling snack

Alana...she decided not to bowl since bending was not easy for her....she is due any day now!

Lola My girls took my camera and took pictures of, what else? the girls.




Rebecca and Harrison
That evening we had a Family Olympics. Nelson and Wynn are diving into whip cream to find and eat gummie bears

Atticus and Ryan chewing their gummie bears
Waiting around to see what's next.

Getting ready for the Root Beer chug. Yep..Brad won.

I thing Glenn came in second.

Part of our Relay race. Maddy had to put a hat and life jacket on before running and tagging the next person.

Annie is finished her part!

We sat around the fire and listened to a story from Grandpa. He told us about our ancestors who settled right around Henry's Fork on the snake river. Great story!

Waiting for smores!

The back of the cabin

The river

Time for Smores!

My Brother in law, Jarrett had a lighted Frisbee that we played with for awhile. Then Brad brought some glow sticks.

Someone would take all the glow sticks and start running. Then everyone else chases them until the person holding the glow sticks throws them as high in the air as they can. Sounds simple, but the kids loved it, especially playing the game with the two Uncle Brads.

Our last day. We of course took family pictures. I had a whole disk with pictures of all the families and pictures of the group of us, but I left it in Idaho. Oops!

All the girl cousins

Brad was trying to encourage Luke to put on his pj's

It was Harrison's 1st birthday so we helped him celebrate with cake of course!

Landon and Luke hugging good-bye.

It really was a great reunion. I wish I saw everyone way more than every two years, but I am so thankful that we do stay in touch and that the cousins all love each other so much and get along so well. Thanks Tim for planning such a great reunion. We are excited about the next one Rebecca!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

We Made It!

We finally made it to Ashton, Idaho on Monday in late afternoon. We got there before my brother, Tim, who was in charge of the reunion so we couldn't get in right away. We took the time to check out the outside area and the river. The cabin was beautiful and was set up on a hill over looking the Snake River. The part of the river we were on was called Henry's Fork. That first night we started off with our tradition of Family Night and getting new pajamas from Grandma. She does of great job of sewing for all the grandkids!

Here are my five with their new Grandma Jammas!

Here are all the Grandkids. There are 20 of them (with 1 on the way) and the oldest is 11. I thought this picture turned out really well. More than half of them are looking forward!

For FHE we played a match the family game. I thought I would do pretty well since the odds were in my favor by having the biggest family. Unfortunately I lost because I could never find the pictures of two of my kids. It turned out that they had gotten lost under the couch before the game began....I want a rematch!

The girls ran off with the camera. I guess Luke didn't want his picture taken

This is our family tree

Luke sleeping in his new sleeping bag for the first time!

Luke and I were up bright and early the next morning. I think all that fresh air woke me up!

We went down by the river to play some games, but before they got started the boys found a snake tangled up in some fishing gear. Wynn cut him out and saved him.

All the boys wanted to hold the snake before releasing it. This is Jake

We all played Water balloon Volleyball. The "volleyball" turned into a massive waterballoon fight!

Brad and Luke are on their way to float the river. I think Brad and Nelson went twice, Macey went 3 times, and the rest of us went once. I never got any pictures of it..sad.

My sister, Rebecca, organized a scavenger hunt. I think we are trying to see who's team was the winner here.

Brad Stubbs and Lola relaxing

This is Ella. She was busy eating chips out of this big bowl
That night we celebrated Halloween. All the kids had their faces painted by my very talented sis in law, Corrine, and then they went trick or treating at all the bedroom doors.

We had a great first few days. It was also Larry's birthday, so we sang and ate cake. I'm tired again just from remembering everything we did!