Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Artists

Today we started our Christmas celebrations by painting our own ornaments. The kids actually did a pretty good job with painting. Luke, was of course the biggest mess. He had more paint on himself than on his Christmas Tree. Brad and I got in the action too and had fun creating! The kids are out of school this whole week. Yesterday we didn't do anything. I don't think I was up and dressed until about noon. It was so nice!! I love sleeping in. Today we did a little better and went to a park to play this morning. Tomorrow is a big cleaning day. I told the kids that if we cleaned tomorrow, when we get back from Thanksgiving we could decorate the house for Christmas. I hope it will be a great incentive. I know it will get me motivated. I'm excited to decorate!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random updates

Last Monday for family night we had Turkey cupcakes. Nutterbutters made the best heads!

I stubbed my middle toe last week. It really hurt. My toe was already a "gimp" toe and now I think it's even shorter! It got swollen and back and blue. At church last Sunday I couldn't walk right and was limping everywhere. It's kind of funny how much function one little toe has. It's feeling better now and I'm not limping anymore. :]

I just thought this picture was funny. Luke has to imitate everyone. He dosen't care if things are for girls or boys, he just wants to try what everyone else is trying!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playgroup at the Zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday for playgroup. We met up with a few of our friends and had a great time checking out the animals. Luke calls all animals doggies. I thought maybe the zoo with its large variety of animals would help him out, but after looking at the pictures with him I've realized it hasn't. He is still pointing at all the animals and saying "doggie"! The weather was a perfect fall day. It was nice to be outside doing fun things with friends. My older kids have been feeling left out lately after hearing all the fun things we've been doing for playgroup. We are planning on doing something fun for them this weekend.

The kids posing in front of some Flamingos.
Rylee and Annie trying to stand on one foot like a Flamingo.

Check out that giraffe Reese!

Rylee and Annie by the penguins. The penguins were really funny to watch. They wouldn't get in the water, but were all standing together looking at this one spot on the roof of the habitat. Then this one penguin would start balking and the other would join them.
Luke, Annie, and Rylee feeding the ducks.
Thanks for going to the zoo with us playgroup friends. We had a great time!