Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fish Hatchery

This week is the kids Spring Break. Our "BIG PLAN" of the week was to visit the Fish Hatchery near Athens (45 minutes away) Annie and Luke were so excited during the drive there, they couldn't contain themselves! I thought they looked really cute sleeping with their heads toghether.

In the Theater room they had a big glass wall and it was like looking into a huge aquarium. Luke loved to point at the fish and say "GO!" Some of the fish in there were huge.

This is the catfish tank. Macey is trying to run away. I asked her to pose for the camera in front of the catfish. You can kind of see Brad's arm in the top of the picture. He's feeding the fish and when you do the catfish start going crazy and splash everything. Macey didn't want to get wet!

These are all the catfish waiting for us to feed them. I thought they were creepy!
There was another tank of fish that would jump out of the tank when you fed them. I liked watching them better. (not quite as creepy)

Nelson and Kambree posing with the fish.

Dad, Kambree, and Luke fishing.

Macey trying to catch a fish.

Brad, Kambree, Luke, and Macey from across the pond.

Annie trying to catch a fish. Annie almost fell into the lake. She was in the stroller and I left it by the bench. She tried to get out herself and the stroller started to roll into the pond. I caught the stroller right after the front wheels got wet!

All of the kids posing in front a hunters blind. There was a wetlands trail that we went on after the museum and before we went fishing. The kids all had a great time. I hope they don't expect too much more excitment during this spring break!