Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy #4 Luke

Luke has been waiting all year for his birthday. When he turned 3 I think he thought his birthday was just an extension of the Christmas holidays, he still just didn't quite get it. As all the other kids had birthdays, he begged, and pleaded for his to be "tomorrow!" His special day finally did arrive and I think he had a great day! His dad made him a BIG birthday sign.
He is excited for his day! After decorating in the morning, Brad and I took him to the mall and we had Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Playing with his happy meal toy after all the kids get home from school.

His birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, which is a crazy evening day. We did manage to celebrate though. The night before we went to his favorite place to eat, Jason's Deli. We invited Grandma and Grandpa over at 4:15pm (between getting everyone home and having everyone leave again) for presents and cake.

Checking out the presents

The night before I asked Luke what kind of cake he wanted. He wasn't sure so we look on the Internet for ideas. He liked the lightening McQueen cake we saw.

This was my first time "carving" a cake.

I think it turned out pretty well. Luke kept telling me how awesome it was as he helped me decorate it. He put the candles on himself.

Blowing out the candles on his "awesome Lightening McQueen cake!"
4 things about Luke
1. He loves to point out letters and tell who they belong to. eg. L belongs to him, N belongs to Nelson, but he has to share L with Nelson and Mom
2. When he is bored in the afternoon he tells me "Hey, I think its time to go pick up the kids!" or if he wants to know where Brad is he asks "Is dad working or at the church?"
3. He loves to go to Joy school and playgroup
4. He is the loudest and most outgoing child in our family.
Luke you are AWESOME!


Corrine said...

wow that is one cool cake

Alana said...

I love the giant sign. Landon will not see a picture of this cake, it's better that he doesn't know this is possible til after his birthday.

The Amazing Mumfords said...

Your cake turned out awesome!!