Thursday, January 6, 2011

December 1st till Christmas

We started off our Christmas season at the Christmas parade. This was our third and warmest year to attend. I love this night parade, it is not too long and there is lots of candy.

Brad sitting on the curb with the kids.

We went with some good friends from our ward.

Checking out the candy in their hats.

Even the little guy enjoyed the parade.

My favorite float was this gingerbread house.

Here come Santa and Mrs. Claus. Now the Christmas season has officially started!

Cute elf hats that I crocheted for some of my favorite nephews and friends.

The girls and I made these cute hand sanitizer snowmen for our friends and teachers. I found the idea on the internet, but unfortunatley I lost my bookmarked list so I don't know which blog. (thanks for the idea whoever you are...they were perfect!)

Luke and I went with playgroup to the Christmas tree farm. He enjoyed playing on all the old farm equipment the best.

Luke with some of his friends.

Every year we talk the kids to "Holiday in the Park" where they have a manmade sledding hill. This is Kambree coming down backwards.

Here comes Macey.

There's Annie.

I wish I would of got a shot of Luke's face. It was a look of pure terror! He jumped off and said "that was fun!" but he didn't want to do it again.

The week before Christmas we made time to make gingerbread houses.

I think this one is Nelson's

This is Kambree's.

Making our houses.

Cousin Dane was here to make houses with us!

Macey making her house.

Luke made his all by himself. (I should of taken a picture of the new hot water heater that was installed while we were decorating our houses. Merry Christmas :) )

Annie lost her two front teeth on the same day right before Christmas. You'll never guess what song she learned to sing! So cute!!

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Alana said...

Thinking it's a little sad that your kids have gone sledding and mine have not, especially since I live in Alberta and you live in Texas.