Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve. Every year we do progressive dinner with our family that lives here in town. We start at Brad's brothers house with wonderful appetizers. Then, we head over to the grandparents for dinner. We ended at our home with dessert. We act our the Christmas story before digging in to all the treats. It is a bring your own costume and it is my favorite part of the night. This year Brad's sisters family was in town visiting so we had a great group!

Getting ready for our play.

Waiting to start. Annie decided to be a lamb and came up with and made her costume all by herself.

The shepherds and wise men.

Mary and Joseph

All the beautiful angels. Dennis is in the back narrating.

After everyone went home and before going to bed we opened the presents from each other. Nelson got Luke a small fry bear.

Annie got a bottle cap necklace from mom.

Kambree got snowman earrings that Macey made from her.

Macey got hand sanitizers and holders from her dad.

Nelson got a BYU pillowcase that Luke helped make.

Brad got one too, but Annie helped make his. I of course do not have picture, but I did get a wonderful present. Kambree got me an awesome watch.

Then it was off to bed!

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