Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Luke's Eye

We stayed Thanksgiving night at Stacy's and we had all the girls and Luke in the room with us. Luke was sleeping in his travel bed and woke up about 4am crying. I got him up and put him in the twin bed with me. After a few minutes we settled back down. In the next minute Luke rolled over and fell off the bed. He cried and I tried to get him quiet. I wandered around the house with him trying not to wake any of the other 19 people in the house. I took him back upstairs at 4:30 so I could get ready to go shopping. Brad took over and reported that he did get Luke back to sleep. When I got home Brad showed me Luke's face. He must have hit the side of the TV stand on the way off the bed. It does explain how much crying he did in the middle of the night! Now everywhere I've been people have asked me about his black eye. You can't tell in the pictures very well, but under his eye is black and blue and swollen. Poor Kid!