Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Plumbing Problems

Two weekends ago we had some plumbing problems. Brad first noticed some nasty water coming up in the shower when the toilets were flushed. He went and got some Drano and a plumbing snake to try to fix the problem. That didn't work so he tried some really heavy duty chemicals. The chemical had sulfur in it and smelled so bad we all had to leave the house. Of course this whole time no one could use the bathrooms and my kids were complaining every half hour about having to go. We did take 2 trips to Wal Mart to go to the bathroom. Later, Brad went outside to see if there was a problem out there and he found the ground all wet outside the bathroom, so he started digging. His dad came over to help and by Saturday night they found the problem, but it was too dark to fix it. By 8 at night I started realizing we couldn't sleep at our house with no toilets or showers. So Prudy and Dennis invited us to stay at their house. After Church on Sunday, Brad and Dennis were back in the hole fixing the pipe. The got it fixed right before dark, but the kids wanted to have another sleep over at Grandmas, so we spent another night there. I'm very grateful that we had some place to go. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great accommodations!! Anyway so far everything is still working and we can use the toilets and shower when ever we need to!!!