Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kambree's Graduation

Kambree had her Kindergarten Graduation last Friday. All the classes went into the Cafeteria and sang some songs and then the teachers handed out Diplomas. Right before the teachers started to call the kids up one by one the teacher told the parents "If we stumble on calling your child's name please forgive us, we do know our students, but sometimes we get nervous up here." Two classes went before Kambree's and there were no problems, then most of Kambree's class went without any problems. When it was Kambree's turn her teacher called Kayly Hyland. I started laughing. That kind of stuff always happens to our family. The teacher corrected herself and called Kambree Hyland. There is a Kayly in the class, so it wasn't that she mispronounced it or anything. It was funny. After the "ceremony" we went to the classroom for a "reception." Kambree's teacher was really embarrassed. Her name was the only mistake in all five classes. It really was a nice little graduation. I just wish that school had better parking!
Kambree in her Graduation hat!!

Kambree and her friend from chruch, Amber

Kambree and her best friend from school, Darcy

Kambree and Ms. Jordan