Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! (Yes, I know it is only days before Christmas!) We had a great Halloween celebration. I only made one Halloween costume this year, which freed me up for some crafting. Most of the kids looked through our buckets of costumes and found something that they wanted to be.

Luke was a ninja

We had our annual spooky dinner on the Monday before Halloween. Here is a bread skeleton.
Witches fingers with blacken nails.

Bloody goblin toes and mashed up guts.

Our traditional putrid punch.

Ready to eat!

For dessert we had mummy cupcakes.

Annie had to make a pumpkin that looked like one of her favorite book characters. She chose the Pink Princess. I think it turned out pretty good!

The Relief Society hosted our ward Halloween party so I got to do lots of planning and preparing. It turned out really fun. We had a hotdog dinner, carnival games, and a trunk or treat.

Annie with her prize

Luke got a prize too!

We attended Boo at the Zoo again this year.

Playing games for prizes

The zoo is always decorated so fun!

Here are our pumpkins! This year we teamed up. Annie, Macey and I did this one.

Nelson and Luke's

Brad and Kambree's

Ready for Trick or Treating

We had dinner and went trick or treating with friends this year.

Checking out their loot

Here are my crafts!

Happy Halloween!

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Michelle said...

Yeah a post. I had to post on my own blog so I had something new to read. Your crafts look great.