Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Kambree

Kambree celebrated her 9th birthday on the last day of our Nelson reunion. She got to be with all her Nelson cousins and float down a river on her special day. Her Aunt Corrine helped make her the best birthday sign ever! We decorated with a few streamers and put out her presents.
I'm sorry the pictures are so bad. I took them with Brad's phone thinking they would be better than mine...but I was wrong.

Kambree wore a "happy birthday" pin all day so we could all remember it was her special day.

All the cousins watching her open presents. She got some clothes and jewelry and a speaker for her itouch. That night she had her favorite dinner of baked potatoes.

She ordered a candy land cake after being inspired by a picture of cousin Lola's birthday cake. Her cake choice totally fit her, she is a huge candy lover!

Happy Birthday to our middle, of the middle child!!

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bknmkalhyland said...

Might be person taking pics not the phone!!!