Friday, September 9, 2011


After driving through the night we arrived in Boise in time for Brad to board a plane home. The kids slept the entire night in the car and when they woke up they were excited to see their Nelson cousins!

My sweet niece, Ella!

We went with Heather and her kids to the rodeo! I'd never been to a rodeo before and it was tons of fun!!

My niece, Lola!

My nephew, Harrison, had a birthday while we were visiting. Rebecca had some party games for the kids to play.

Lola and Macey in Harrison's new playhouse.

Lola and Annie

Macey with my nephew, Sully. The girls loved taking care and playing with him.

Kambree and Sully

I celebrated my birthday while I was in Boise. Rebecca took me and the girls to get pedicures and manicures.

Rebecca also made me the BEST birthday cake. It was all chocolate with a chocolate mousse in between the layers.

She even got pictures of me to put in her birthday sign.

Happy birthday to me! Thank you Rebecca for making my birthday so wonderful! (my other sisters were out of town at family reunions)

My handsome nephew, Sully again!

Annie made me a birthday sign.

Have you seen all the feathers in people's hair lately? My girls saw cute feathers in their cousins hair and wanted to get their own. Before we left Boise we found a salon and the girls and two of their other cousins "got feathered!"

Rebecca was in charge of the Nelson reunion this year, so I helped do some planning and shopping. The weekend right before we did LOTS of shopping.

At Costco!

After spending over two weeks in Boise it was time for our next reunion. Brad flew back and we headed out.

We stopped in Idaho Falls to see the sights. Luke in front of the Falls.

Brad by the river

My girls rode with my sister, Heather and we took my nephew, Carter. We had a nice quite ride with the boys napping a little and playing the ds together.

Carter and Nelson by the river.

The boys took some time to play football before we left the park.

After the park we headed over to the temple visitors center and looked around. Then we loaded back in the car and we were on our way. Island Park here we come!

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