Friday, June 3, 2011

The Month of April

This month was fun with dancing and Easter parties. Annie had a dance rehearsal in the middle of the month. She loved that she got a purple costume! She really enjoyed her class this year especially with a great friend to dance with in class.

Brad came to watch her for the rehearsal since he wasn't going to be there for the performance (special church meeting)

Easter was so late this year that you would think I would have been really prepared, but of course the opposite was true. We did have a fun celebration with egg dying, hunts, eating, and a Sunday family devotional.

Dying eggs

Lots of bright colored eggs

On the hunt

There were a few extra visitors at our party!

My nephew, Jacob

Luke finally was brave enough to hold one. None of my other kids got brave enough!

He even smiled!

Easter outfits

I told him to pose..ha ha

Annie at her recital all ready to dance

On stage, they dance to "colors of the wind"

After the performance

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch too and gave her flowers.

Mrs. Pope and Annie. Annie's teacher came to watch her and another girl in their class. We ended up leaving early, so Mrs. Pope came to our house to let Annie know she had seen her dance and give her some flowers. What an awesome teacher! Annie was just beaming, she felt so loved!

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Michelle said...

Wow that is one great teacher, taking the time to really let the kids know she cares