Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School

It's official! We all made it though the first week back to school. The kids seemed to do better as the week went on. To me the week seemed more like a month as all the memories of DRIVING kids everywhere came back. I am very happy that the kids fell right back into the routine of everything. We'll have to see how these next few weeks go as more homework and after school activities and practices are introduced. The pictures are of the kids right before leaving for the first day.
off to 1st grade
7th grade

3rd grade

5th grade (she was so nervous she was sick to her stomach and couldn't eat breakfast. Poor girl! She did great once we were at the school and went into her classroom like a true "oldest in the school" student.

All of them together. Pretty good pictures especially since I made them all get out the car to take them! Here's hoping its a great year!!

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Melissa said...

lovely kids. miss you guys!