Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break!

The kids were able to enjoy Spring Break this past week. We started out visiting with our friends. The Walters stopped by to visit before heading to Megan's gym meet. We sure miss them!
Best buds!

After a rainy day, some dentist appointments, and a wonderful lunch out with Grandma, we headed to the fish hatchery. This is Luke enjoying a tram ride around the hatching ponds.

Nelson, Luke, and Kambree with the alligators in the background.

All the kids that were with us on our outing (3 families)

After checking out some exhibits, walking a nature trail, and watching a dive show, the kids set out to do some fishing.

Annie is ready to go.

Nelson relaxing while he fishes. (he was taking things pretty seriously!)

Annie again

This is Macey's reaction to her first catch!

She tried to get a little closer for a picture. My friend was brave enough to take the fish off the hook. Thanks Nicole

Annie's first catch. Unfortunately, Nicole wasn't by us to get out the hook. I tried, but the hook was way down in the fishes mouth so I ended up asking a man the was by us to help out.

The next day we were off to the zoo. The girls are all standing in the elephants footprint. Nelson didn't come, he got to go to work with Brad instead.

Luke's favorite are the giraffes. He wouldn't pose by them though. He hasn't like being in pictures lately.

The next shots are of a place called "Mrs. Lee's Garden" Its a private property full of daffodils. For about 6 weeks each spring they allow people to drive the property to see all the daffodils. It is about a four mile drive through the property.

Luke still didn't like being in pictures!

This is how Nelson looked most of the trip. He was not impressed by the beauty of the daffodils.

The week is over...back to getting up at 6:45, practicing lessons, and doing homework!

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Tamsen said...

Well, I have to disagree with Nelson :) I think those daffodils are breathtaking! How beautiful! I used to go to a place that had what I thought was a ton of daffodils (probably an acre) but that's nothing to Mrs. Lee's Garden! Very cool.