Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter in Pictures!

We had a great Easter Weekend! It started on Friday with the kids being out of school. I got to do my favorite activity, and sleep in! My friend came over and we made these cute cupcakes inspired by a post on Bakerella (blog). The kids go into the action too and had fun putting as much candy on these cute cakes as could fit.

These were some of my favorites.

Just a closer look. Don't the peep bunnies look cute?

On Saturday morning we went to the Bell Family Farm (a family in the other ward). They were hosting their annual Easter Party. This was our second year to attend and it was fabulous. Thanks Bell Family, we had a great time!! Luke loved the sand box...I however wasn't too excited about it since we had a baptism to be at later that afternoon.
Macey playing on the sew saw with her friend.

After everyone plays Easter games, does crafts, and plays on the playground we break for a bring your own picnic lunch. After lunch the kids divide into different age groups and go read books while the adults hide the eggs for the hunt. This is Luke in his group, he wasn't too happy about sitting without me.

Since Luke was sad we went to take pictures of the other groups. Here are Kambree and Annie at the front.

Here's Macey sitting by her friend. They were in the 9-12 group. Her friend doesn't turn 9 for a few weeks, but she was nice enough to go with Macey and the biggest kids.

Here is Nelson and some friends on the other side of the older kids group.

Here is Luke picking up eggs. He loved the hunt part! He was really good at finding eggs and putting them in his basket.

Here is Macey (pink tee shirt) checking the ground for more eggs.
This truck was in the field where the kids were hunting for eggs. I don't know if you can really see, but there are eggs all over it!

Kambree found LOTS of eggs!

Annie did pretty good too.

The kids showing off their haul. Some of the eggs had numbers on them and you could trade the egg in for a prize.
When we found Nelson he showed us what he got too.

The kids hanging out and checking out their stuff. Some of the eggs had money in them. I think Macey ended up with almost $6!

On to the next part of the day, dying eggs!

Luke kept getting mad because I wouldn't let him beat the eggs with his spoon, remember I was trying to keep him kind of clean so we could go to the baptism later.

Finishing up!

Don't they look good? By the way, Luke did end up with a bath after. We attended my nephew's baptism later that afternoon and it was wonderful. Then we headed out for Bruno's pizza with all the extended family.

On Sunday morning we had Resurrection rolls for breakfast. The kids are sitting here waiting for them to be done.

Their half full Easter baskets, by this time they'd already eaten lots.

All dressed up and ready to go to church. I made the girls skirts and crocheted the flowers to attach to the shirts. (I wish they had Easter bonnets Lavinia!!)
Acting goofy

I know it's been a long post of pictures. It was a long weekend too!! We ended our Easter weekend with dinner over at Grandma's and Grandpa's. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as much as we did!


Rebecca said...

Holy! Sounds like quite the weekend! Your kids are so cute. I loved all the pictures of them. The girls' Easter outfits turned out great and your cupcakes were fun too.

Family Days said...

Cute pictures!! The Easter outfits are adorable!

Alana said...

Landon and Luke would have had fun coloring eggs together. Landon loved throwing the eggs into the cups. Those people have a pretty cool house.

Michelle said...

We didn't get to the egg dying part of Easter so my girls were sad. I love the outfits your crochet flowers are cute. Where did you find the pattern for them and the hats you did. Kambree looks so much like you in the picture of her dying the eggs.

erica said...

What a busy day! Thanks for taking time to come to the baptism. I love the skirts. Too cute.

Anonymous said...