Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 Wonderful Years

Brad and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Wednesday. We celebrated by taking the kids to Chuck e Cheese. It was very romantic! I thought I would continue the celebration by sharing 12 reasons I love being married to Brad.

#1. I love his sense of humor. Brad can make a joke about almost anything. And he does, for awhile there I was worried that he was going to be released from the Bishopric after telling me some of the comments he would make during his meetings. But, he didn't, instead they made him the bishop. HaHa!)

#2. Brad is very calm and laid back. Ok, sometimes this does drive me crazy and I wish he would get mad with me.

#3. I love that he is so helpful to others. He has helped move most the people in our ward that have moved in or out since we moved here.

#4. I love how self sufficient he is. Though he helped move lots of people the last 3 1/2 years, when it was our turn to move Brad and his dad did it themselves.

#5. Brad is a great Dad. He laughs and playes with the kids. My kids have always loved being with their dad. They usually want to be with him over me.

#6. I love that he helps me with taking care of the household. A few weeks ago I came home to a clean house (that Brad cleaned). On top of that Brad called about an hour later and told me to get a list together and he would do the grocery shopping for me. Who wouldn't love a man who did the grocery shopping?

#7. I love his Testimony. Brad has a very strong testimony of the gospel. I love that he shares it with me and our children.

#8. I love his sense of Family. Family is everything to Brad. I'm not talking just about our immediate family, but about his brothers and sisters. I love that he thinks its important to be at any family thing that we are able to attend.

#9. I love that he enjoys Sports. Brad loves playing soccer and basketball. I love that he enjoys these things and is still playing. Of course sometimes these games are not always convenient, but I truly do love that he gets to get out and do something that he loves.

#10. I love that he is supportive of me. Brad has always helped me with me callings. He has helped me prepare for baby showers, taken care of dinner when I'm really busy, cleaned, set up chairs and tables at the church. He is great at just doing things he knows that I need help with.

#11. Brad is a hard worker. I'm very proud of him with regards to his business. The business is growing and he has a reputation for being honest and doing a great job.

#12. I love that Brad loves my creative side. He loves that I crochet, quilt, and sew. He likes our home to look nice. He also has a good eye for what looks good. I like that I can ask his opinion on what goes better with what.

Just so you know, I thought this list might be hard to come up with, but it wasn't! Brad I love you, and like you said the other day "I hope with have at least another twelve good years together!" lol