Monday, January 7, 2008

Luke's First Birthday

Luke had his first birthday on Saturday. He had a great day. He was in a good mood and seemed to like all of the other kids hugging him and yelling Happy Birthday at him. We just hung out most of the day and got ready for his little party. We had Grandma and Grandpa, Bryan, and Erica, Blake, Sarah, Jacob, and Emily over for the party. We had a pinata shaped like a basketball, filled with fruit snacks and smarties. His cake was a sports jersey with his name and number 1 on it. He had his own little cake all to himself. Luke is a great little guy. He is now walking just a little more than he is crawling. He is still toothless so we are waiting for that milestone. Here are some pictures, but they aren't very good because our camera is awful.

The Hylands!